Friday, May 30, 2008

Salute to Israel Parade

This Sunday, June 1, 27 Iyar, is the Salute to Israel Parade. It will be held rain or shine, as always. It is important that everybody who is able to go goes. Especially in this political year, it shows all the candidates that we care about Israel. It also gives yeshivot an opportunity to showcase their students' artistry in costumes and floats. I usually stand near the starting point at Fifth Avenue and Central Park South, where I and others can let the Arab counterdemonstrators and their Neturei Karta lapdogs know what we think of them.
As people giving aid and comfort to our enemies, aka traitors, each and every one of these black-hatted bastards deserves to hang from the lamppost. Lacking the power to carry out the appropriate punishment, we can and must ostracise them socially. Do not attend their functions or invite them to ours. Do not do business with them, and so forth. As long as man is a social animal, social ostracism is a potent weapon against these creeps.
The parade is followed by a concert in Central Park. Security will be tight (of course), bags are checked and lines are long. But as far as I know there is mixed seating so you can bring your girl/boyfriend. The next day, of course, is Yom Yerushalayim, celebrating 41 years of a unified capital despite the efforts of our enemies and defeatists among us to redivide it. Hag Sameah!

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