Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Missing Person Alert

Garnel Ironheart has gone missing. At least his blog has, if you follow the link. Has anybody reading this been able to contact him? He had interesting things to say that others are afraid to say. Has he simply burned out or lost interest, or is something more sinister (or tragic) afoot? Have threats been made against him or his family that are keeping him off the blogosphere? Lest I be accused of being paranoid, there are accounts of a rosh yeshiva attempting to design a vocational track for students who are not cut out for sitting and learning all day, and being threatened by "gedolim" that if he went through with his project they would see to it that none of his children got married.
If anyone within the sound of my cybervoice has information, please let us know if he is alive and well and, if he is, what is keeping him off the air.


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