Friday, August 04, 2006

Islamic Mafia

Iranian Haman Ahmadinejad showed his true colors again, letting it be known that the solution to the current conflict in the Middle East is the elimination of Israel. Not, God forbid, that he should stop arming and supplying Hezbollah. Saad Bin Laden, Osama's favorite son, reportedly was dispatched to Lebanon to help Hezbollah orchestrate terror attacks inside Israel. Iran is Shiite. The Bin Ladens and Al Qaeda are Sunni, as is Hamas. Shiites and Sunnis were at each others' throats for centuries, but they are in complete agreement when it comes to killing Jews. I mentioned an Islamic Mafia in an earlier post. Just as the Gambinos, Colombos, Gallos etc. are forever killing one another but are a common danger to honest and law-abiding citizens, so the various factions of the Islamic Mafia are a common danger not only to Jews and Israel but to all freedom-loving people everywhere. Ahmadinejad says that the solution is the elimination of Israel. We say that the solution is the elimination of the Islamic Mafia. And if that means a wider conflict encompassing the entire Middle East and perhaps beyond, better sooner than later. As Ahmadinejad's mentor Adolf Hitler taught us, every day we delay is another day for the enemy to prepare.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In 2006 you wrote: "so the various factions of the Islamic Mafia are a common danger not only to Jews and Israel but to all freedom-loving people everywhere".
The West has been receiving these signals for several years now, and the last Jihadist attack in San Bernardino proves you right once again.

Mon Dec 07, 05:38:00 AM EST  
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