Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Heard on the Web

משוט בארץ ומהתהלך בה
From flitting about the world and traversing it (Job 1:7). . . .

The following appeared in Scientific American's webzine the other day: Click here. Wow. Without any fuss, fanfare or publicity, Jews and Arabs cooperate. Peace grows from the ground up. A couple of Czechs were involved as well. No surprise to anybody involved in science; the profession is a United Nations that works. And an Israeli scholar not only studies evolution but founds an international institute at an Israeli university devoted to studying it. No surprise there either. Israel has more universities per capita than any nation on earth, and they are at the forefront of groundbreaking research in every field of knowledge.

Here is the comment I wrote on Scientific American's site:

Ali and Hassan -Ya Habibi, don’t you guys know English is the new Esperanto? Why not learn it if you’re working with Israeli scientists? Will your mullahs back home chop your heads off if you seem too Western? And do you actually eat mole rats? I thought they were “haram,” like pork.
If the researchers have a few mole rats to spare, perhaps they should fit them with explosives instead of radio collars and throw them into Arab buses at rush hour. Oh right, Israelis wouldn’t do that even if they had military orders.
Eviatar – studying evolution, huh? Naughty naughty. A big yasher koach (kudos) for standing up to the black-coated old (but not as spry or as sharp as you) greybeards who would march us back to the Dark Ages. Until 120 years as we say.