Sunday, September 05, 2010

Remember Munich

Today, 26 Elul, and tomorrow, are the yahrzeits for the eleven Israeli athletes butchered by Arab Amalekim at the Munich Olympics in 1972. Moshe Weinberg and Yosef Romano were shot in the morning during the seizure of the hostages, and the remaining nine were killed at the airport during a botched rescue attempt by the West Germans that night. It happened 38 years ago, so the Hebrew and Gregorian dates coincide as they do every nineteen years. The world sowed the wind then and is still reaping the whirlwind now.

Click here and never forget.

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Blogger Spencer said...

Thank you for writing this blog and helping us not to forget the eleven Israeli athletes that were murdered by Arab terrorists.

Sun Sep 05, 05:16:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Garnel Ironheart said...

Wouldn't it be neat if, at their meetings tomorrow, Bibi insists on a moment of silence for the murdered athletes.

Sun Sep 05, 05:24:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Zev Stern said...

It would be a terrific gesture, but we need more than gestures. R. Meir Kahane said after the Six Day War that if, God forbid, Israel had gone under, there would have been moments of silence in every European parliament. We don't need their moments of silence. We prefer to live.
We have to exact a heavy price for Jewish blood; that was the point of having a state and an army. An end to shtadlanut.
I was watching Ken Burns's Civil War documentary. Grant had Lee and his army surrounded, hungry, cut off from supplies. He sent Lee a message that he (Grant) does not want the responsibility for any further bloodshed, so he is asking Lee to surrender since further resistance is futile. Lee, to his credit, surrendered and received incredibly magnanimous terms. Keep your sidearms, keep your ceremonial swords, keep your horses (you'll need them for spring planting), here's 25,000 rations for your starving men. . . . Had Lee not surrendered, Grant was able and willing to kill his army to the last man, and everybody knew it.
Israel must impress on the Arab civilian population that there's no percentage in terror, that it will get them nothing but misery and death. If world public opinion howls, so be it. Once the Arabs see that terror and its perpetrators are totally crushed, then peace will be possible and they will find the terms quite generous.

Sun Sep 05, 05:46:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Garnel Ironheart said...

In 1973 Ariel Sharon had the Egyptian 3rd army surrounded and on the verge of surrender. Had they done so, it would have ended any Egyptian aspirations towards being a regional power and provided the decisive defeat that Israel needed to convince its enemies to just leave it alone. But the US and USSR stepped in to ensure that such a humiliating event would never happen. Look at the results today.
There are two ways for Israel to convince the Arabs to live in peace:
1) Crush them so thoroughly that they can't even consider attacking Israel anymore. The world won't allow this.
2) Enrich them so they see that trying to fight a war will be too costly. Their own leaders won't allow this.
So what do we do?

Mon Sep 06, 12:58:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Zev Stern said...

The first option. The world will huff and puff but it won't blow the house down. If anything it will respect us all the more for acting in our own interests and not asking for anybody's approval. The world is not going to save us and we have no one to rely on but God and our own strength.

Wed Sep 08, 07:29:00 AM EDT  

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