Friday, August 20, 2010

One Nation Indivisible

In a recent issue of the Jewish Press, one Lewis Regenstein, a Jewish writer in Atlanta, Georgia, defends and praises his ancestors who fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War. I cannot stand seeing the Confederacy praised. If I had my way, Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy and Alexander Stephens, its vice president and the whole Confederate cabinet including its Jewish secretary of state Judah Benjamin, would have been hanged for treason.
Regenstein's article, my posted comment and those of several others - I'm gratified that I was not the only one motivated to take pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard - in protest, can be seen here. Note well the quote, brought by Josh Meyers, of the above-mentioned Alexander Stephens, defending slavery in fine style worthy of Adolf Hitler.
My letter in the printed edition was chopped by the editor (no hard feelings - he was just doing his job) and can be seen here.
Those who romanticize Confederates and the Confederacy are generally neo-isolationists who are not comfortable with the U.S.A. being a superpower or, as they put it, the world's policeman. But the world has plenty of robbers, and I do believe in American exceptionalism, that America's unprecedented military and political power is no accident and what with it comes a sacred obligation to confront the robbers of the world and defeat them. Google Lewis Regenstein and you will find him keeping company with some real right-wing anti-government kooks.
Thank God the Union won and we are and, with God's help will forever be, one nation indivisible.

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