Friday, July 30, 2010

Sign of the times

Tomorrow's haftara asks, "Can a woman forget her offspring, to have pity on the child of her womb? These may forget, but I [God] will not forget you." The question is usually read rhetorically, as in "Is it possible that a woman could forget her child? Yet even were that to happen, I won't forget you."
I prefer to read it as a simple statement of fact: These too will forget, but I won't forget you. We live in crazy times when women seek to kill their own pre-born babies, and the U.S. Supreme Court found in the Constitution a right to do so - in an opinion that many legal scholars consider badly written, the outcome having been decided in advance for political reasons and the Justices contriving a legal justification afterward. God is telling us that this crime against nature will happen, but He will not forget us.

Surely Mashiach is coming.



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