Saturday, August 01, 2009

I hope it wasn't. . . .

Breaking news from MSNBC (also reported on WINS radio):

A gunman apparently shot up a support group for gay teenagers in Tel Aviv, killing three and injuring eleven. Details are very sketchy. The police are convinced it was a criminal attack, not a terror attack. An eyewitness says it was a premeditated hate crime, but how would he know the attacker's motives and whether or not it was premeditated? The gunman escaped and is being sought. Other witnesses said the gunman was dressed all in black.

As soon as I heard the report on the radio, which did not mention how the alleged gunman was dressed, I thought to myself, "I hope this wasn't a religious nut." It wouldn't be the first time a religious nut attacked gays in Israel; several years ago there was a stabbing at a gay parade in Jerusalem. Now, who else would be dressed all in black? Please, no, don't let it be. We have enough troubles already.

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Anonymous Garnel Ironheart said...

At this point the identity of the gunman isn't known but isn't it interesting that "common knowledge" suggests it's someone Chareidi?
For all one's differences with the community, there is one weapon they never seem to use: guns. They also don't attack alone, preferring mass ambushes or swarmings on deserted streets where the victim is alone and helpless. (Why does it sound like I'm narrating a wildlife special?)
This could be a Neo-nazi, a foreigner with an axe to grind, a jilted gay lover for all we know but it shoud disturb us every time someone insists it must be a religious Jew.

Mon Aug 17, 02:00:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Zev Stern said...

I didn't insist it had to be someone "religious," but given past experience that's the first thing that comes to mind. They've been spreading anti-gay hate, and at least one of them took it on himself to stab a person or persons at a parade. It's a small step from a knife to a gun, especially given the ease with which guns can be obtained in Israel. Rabin was killed by a "religious" (albeit non-haredi) Jew with a gun.
A lot of scenarios are possible, and with each passing day that the perp is not found the probability that he never will be found increases. Not knowing who did this is worse than knowing something unpleasant and perhaps being able to do something about it.

Mon Aug 17, 09:38:00 PM EDT  

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