Friday, July 06, 2007

From bad to worse

Tension between religious and secular, and even national-religious and haredi, in Israel are going from bad to worse. Click here for the latest from Y-Net. Assuming it is accurate (and hoping it is not), it is hard to resist the conclusion that haredi goon squads, with the encouragement of the Eida Ha-haredit, are turning our State into another Iran. Here's my take:

1. It's a law enforcement problem. The police have to do their duty even if it makes them uncomfortable.

2. Like bullies everywhere, haredi bullies need to be stood up to. When that happens they always back down. Their dati leumi targets served in the Army and were trained in hand to hand combat. I don't want to say the rest; it's too painful. But sometimes we all have to do things that are painful. The alternative is worse. Those goons can not be allowed to subvert the democratic character of the State and turn Israel into another Iran.

3. As for Popinjay ["Rabbi" Shmuel Haim Popenheim of Eida Ha-haredit] , now we have it from the horse's (donkey's?) mouth. The Eida Ha-haredit encourages criminal violence. That will influence how we relate to them and to their "gedolim." To hell with them all.

[Hat tip: Failed Messiah]

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Blogger Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

They are bullies, no question about it. But they're not stupid bullies. They know very well that sometimes the authorities will deal with the situation by punishing the victim. Why? Because punshing the bully is futile and just causes the authorities more trouble.
Imagine the cops standing up to the Chareidim. Yes, it's okay for them to attack us but God forbid you hit back. That's anti-Semitism! The protests and riots would be unmanageable.
But lets say the Dat Leumi organize and start to hit back. Guess who the left wing anti-religious cops are going to go after? The Dati Leumi because they hate them more.
I wish there was a simple solution.

Sun Jul 08, 03:21:00 PM EDT  

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