Sunday, March 25, 2007

Only in America

A few days ago I found in my mailbox a flyer from my Assemblywoman announcing the special New York City Sanitation Dep't garbage pickups on Erev Pesah. For many years now, the City is going to the trouble and considerable expense of special Sanitation pickups in Orthodox neighborhoods just so we can have the hametz out of our sight by the zman ha-bi'ur. Never mind that garbage bags set out on the curb for the next scheduled pickup are probably not halakhically in our possession anyway. Can you imagine anything like this happening in Poland, Hungary or any of the other benighted tyrannies of Europe from which our parents and grandparents came, and for which some of us seem to pine for so badly? And to think that some people who hold themselves out as religious Jews debate the permissibility of cheating on one's taxes (where do they think the money for those special pickups comes from?) and stealing from the government. Meshuga, no?


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