Friday, November 24, 2006

Mar-Heshvan III

A little late - but I've been busy.

18 Heshvan 5751 - Rav Meir Kahane was taken from us by an Arab assassin's bullet. His main accomplishment was teaching Torah. Nothing unusual for a rabbi, but this one taught real authentic Torah. Not the erzats product that developed in Europe's ghettos, but the Torah of Tanakh. From him we learned how normal Jews living normal lives conduct themselves; hint - they do not hide under their beds when people come to kill them. When Jews were coming under attack in New York's changing neighborhoods he taught us to stand up for ourselves physically. I trained in karate (was never very good at it) in a dojo that he set up. If more had followed him, perhaps the shul in East Flatbush where my uncle served as rabbi for some thirty years would still be a shul, which brings me to. . . .[see above]


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