Sunday, July 16, 2006

Amalek again

Once again we are caught up in the never (until Mashiach comes) ending war against Amalek. The enemy targets our civilians deliberately, as it always has, but when we attack the enemy and some civilians are inevitably harmed, since the enemy deliberately places its military assets in civilian areas in violation of all the rules of war, the world screams for us to "show restraint." Who do you think is giving the Hezbollah rabble advanced missiles, and who do you think is aiming them so accurately? Syria and Iran, of course. Then when we respond, Persia's newest Haman, aka Ahmadinejad, compares us to Hitler from one side of his mouth even as he denies the Holocaust from the other.
By now it is clear to all who have eyes to see (cf. Isaiah 6:10) that the enemy we fight in Lebanon and Gaza is the same Islamic Mafia that flies planes into buildings in New York and Washington, blows up trains in London, Madrid and Mumbai, murders tourists in Bali and innocent Muslims in Baghdad, ad infinitum ad nauseam. Unlike his predecessor who could not face an inconvenient truth that was staring him in the face, President Bush knows this and, aside from some lip service to the need to find a peaceful solution, does not seem to be keeping Israel from doing what needs to be done.
In the last century the forces of freedom faced and conquered the twin evils of fascism and Communism. Now we face the equally unmitigated evil of Islamic terrorism. As before, appeasement does not work. These people cannot be reasoned with or negotiated with. They, and all who give them succor, must be erased from the face of the earth. It will not be easy, and more sacrifice is in store. But failure is not an option. If we are to live in freedom, we must prevail. And with the help of God and the strength of our arms, we shall.