Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Psssst, two plus two equals four. Spread the word.

Click here for a humorous piece from Stanford Medical School's journal on the need to convince people of the incontrovertible truth that all forms of life, including humans, are related by ancestry and descent. Then cut to the Orthodox community's ayatollahs, aka gedolim, who are stuck in a time warp and seek to drag us into it. Dare to oppose them and you get the BBC treatment - ban, burn and censor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very cute link.

I was having a "debate" with an orthodox rabbi recently. He was trying to convince me that my trust in science was misplaced. I attempted to persuade him by pointing out that my faith in scence, and in genetics in particular, was central to my very being (and was especially vital to the part of me that picks up a paycheck every other week).

That tactic failed. So I told him about how, one day, I confronted my experiment. I saw evolution going on in my c elegans (itsy, bitsy worms), plain as day and I felt obligated to do something about it. "You don't exist!," I cried out. But you know evolution, it doesn't listen to common sense.

Tue Jun 20, 09:12:00 PM EDT  
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